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i-MATRIX is a web-based Excel solution that has all the functions of computer-installed Excel software. Even users with no IT expertise can quickly and easily create and share report screens of data extraction, aggregation and analysis online.


With Excel based i-MATRIX, you can not only create various types of report screens but also extract, share and analyze data without depending on IT.


100% Compatible with Excel

  • When creating report screens, you can use full function of Excel without application coding. (formatting, functions, charts, filters, etc.)
  • You can maintain your business know-how and reduce development time with converting your Excel files from your formal business to the web screen.

Simple and flexible data extraction

  • Automatically create query by drag& drop of item on the GUI.
  • By supporting Multi-connection, it simultaneously extracts data from multiple databases on a single report screen.

Utilize various tasks

  • List, Structured data, Unstructured data(OLAP), Dashboard, Simulation, table, and other forms of report screen creation.
  • Broadly used in multiple fields of work, including management planning, budget, sales and logistics management.


  • No need for repetitive manual work as formal manual-based Excel reports are systemized by connecting with DB.
  • Prevent human error and ensure data consistency by automatic data aggregation.
  • Instant access to aggregated reports online allows you to get the information critical for your decision-making process in a timely manner.
  • Eliminate the need for sending or receiving files through mails and reduce the risk of loss or damaging files.


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