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Smart-MIG is a solution developed from the accumulated know-how of data migration in the next-generation project which has been performed for many years in the domestic financial institution. It manages each and all successful process of design phase, development, testing and implementation of data migration to gain improvement in customers trust.

Function & Features

Smart-MIG Data Migration Process


  • Provides data standard information and migration target information of words and domains, and also mapping definition managing function along with GAP analysis between migration target and mapping.
  • Through GAP analysis, it shows information on the screen about model changes and missing mapping information so that designers and developers respond to it immediately.
  • Creates initial migration program based on mapping information and migration target information and provides migration program management function.
  • By offering code mapping module and code mapping information, customers can manage data errors.
  • Offers function to register and manage migration verification comparing data of AS-IS and TO-BE and verification requirements for verifying logical consistency of TO-BE data.
  • It supports successful opening of the project by providing migration indicators of migration.


By using Smart-MIG, the standard management solution for data migration, provides the basis for successful data migration.

  • Ensuring customer confidence about data migration Through Various GAP analysis, it can prevent data migration risk in advance.
  • Reducing developing time through automatic generation of migration codes.
  • By providing various performance indicators, customers obtain objectivity of open index and ensure quality reliability on migration data.
  • Reducing performance management costs through real-time migration analysis and monitoring.
  • Improving service of application by ensuring quality of migration data.
  • By applying the proven migration methodology, it supports the stable open of the entire migration system.

Migration Target Environment

Data Migration Management System

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